EG KIDS MInistry

Welcome to our joyful and vibrant Kids Ministry, where young hearts blossom in faith, love, and fun! We believe that every child is a precious gift from God, and it’s our delight to nurture their spiritual growth in a safe and engaging environment

A Place That Helps
Growing Young: Our Vibrant Kids Ministry

East gate Chapel is a family-friendly church with safe environments just for children! We have four classrooms with their very own service on Sunday mornings from 8Am to 9Am. Children Ministry is at the Heart of East gate Chapel. East Gate KIDS focuses on learning God’s Word and how to apply Godly principles to everyday life. We offer biblical teaching, Vocational Bible Studies, and camping every year when schools close. Kids participate in arts & crafts, Drama, games and singing songs of praise, and much more. We are all about children having fun while learning God’s word but more importantly the safety of every child at the East gate is paramount!

Nurturing Young Faith

Our Kids Ministry is a place where children encounter the love of God through interactive lessons, heartfelt prayers, and meaningful friendships. We're dedicated to planting seeds of faith that will flourish as they grow, helping them build a strong foundation for their journey with Jesus.

Learning Through Adventure

Learning is an exciting adventure in our Kids Ministry! Through creative storytelling, age-appropriate Bible teachings, and interactive activities, children discover the timeless truths of God's Word in ways that captivate their imagination and curiosity.

Safe and Supportive Community

Safety is our priority. We provide a secure space where children can freely express themselves and make friends while parents enjoy the main service. Our dedicated team of caring volunteers is committed to creating a nurturing atmosphere where kids feel valued, heard, and loved.

Family Involvement

We believe in the importance of families growing together in faith. Our Kids Ministry offers resources and tools for parents to continue the spiritual conversations at home. We organize special family events and workshops that strengthen the bond between parents and children on their shared journey of faith.

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