about us Pastor Saabile Adams

A Dedicated Kingdom Leader and Mentor

Pastor Adams Sabila is a special leader and teacher in the Kingdom of God. For many years, he has been helping and guiding other leaders in churches. He organizes important meetings to train leaders who work for God's Kingdom. These meetings are held regularly to help pastors and leaders from different parts of Africa.

Pastor Adams started his journey in ministry in 1999. Even though he had become a follower of Jesus earlier, he didn't fully realize that he should give his whole life to serving the Lord. Then, on a special day in April 23, 1999, he felt a strong calling from God to serve Him in ministry. After that, he spent many months and years talking to God in prayer and not eating much food, which is called fasting. During this time, he learned more about what God wanted him to do. He also started spending time with God every day, reading His special book, the Bible, and he learned a lot from the people that God brought into his life. This helped him become closer to God and have a strong routine of spending time with Him.

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